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Signatur: G 1423-51-5 Folio   QR-Code
Standort: Hauptbibliothek Altstadt / Tiefmagazin 2
Exemplare: siehe unten
Titel:Songs of the rivers of America
Mitwirkende:Carmer, Carl [Hrsg.]   i
 Sirmay, Albert [Bearb.]   i
Verf.angabe:ed. by Carl Carmer. Music arr. by Albert Sirmay
Verlagsort:New York, NY [u.a.]
Verlag:Farrar & Rinehart
Jahr:c 1942
Umfang:XI, 196 S.
Inhalt:Enth.: Have you struck Ile?. The banks of the brandywine. The bridge. Ben Bolt. Michael Roy. Strolling o'er the Brooklyn Bridge. Flat river girl. The banks of the Genesee. The vale of our own Genesee. The Housatonic Valley. The ballad of Henry Green. Benny Havens, Oh!. The Hudson Side. Joe Thomas. Johnny has gone for a soldier. New York, oh what a charming city. The Shantyman's life. The weeping willow. Where Hudson's wave. The blue Juniata. Down in the Lehigh Valley. Jim Brown. Olban, or the white captive. Bonny Eloise. Buffalo gals. Niagara Falls. The logger's boast. Brave Wolfe. Canadian boat song. My birchbark canoe. Schuylkill rowing song. The ballad of Peter Gray. Old Butler's. Such a gettin' upstairs. The rose of Alabama. Dearest Mae. Cumberland gap. Poor Omie. Stonewall Jackson's requiem. 'Twill neber do to gib it up so. Darling Nelly Gray. Hunters of Kentucky. My old Kentucky home. Betsy Baker. A life on the Vicksburg bluff. Nelly was a lady. My old cabin home. Roll out! Heave dat cotton. Way down in Cairo. Poor Juna. Ole Pee Dee. On the banks of the Old Pee Dee. Way down on the Ole Pee Dee. "All quiet along the Potomac". Grave of Washington. Baby,did you hear?. Oh Honey, I'm going down the river. The Vance song. Gentle Nettie Moore. "Stonewall Jackson's way". Stone river. Old folks at home. Ole Tare River. Ellie Rhee. On that hill by the Tennessee. Uncle Ned. Tom-big-bee River. The bank of the Arkansaw. Voyageur's song. Illinois. Song of the Kansas emigrante. The rebel's escape. To the West. The wide Missouri. De boatman's dance. Down the river. Eliza's flight. The Glendy Burke. Gumbo Chaff. Ida May. Nancy Till. On the banks of the Ohio. The unconstant lover. We'll hunt the buffalo. The buffalo skinners. Driving saw-logs on the plover. Red River Shore. Red River Valley. The Ogallaly song. The Rio Grande. The silv'ry Rio Grande. On the banks of the Sacramento. Will you come to the bow'r?. The Wyandotte's farewell song. El-a-noy. Way down in the paw-paw patch. On the banks of the Little Eau Pleine

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Mediennummer: 01446765

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