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Verfasser:Brown, Nathan J.   i
Titel:When victory is not an option
Titelzusatz:Islamist movements in Arab politics
Verf.angabe:Nathan J. Brown
Verlagsort:Ithaca, NY [u.a.]
Verlag:Cornell University Press
Umfang:XII, 260 S.
Format:24 cm
Fussnoten:Includes bibliographical references (p. 243-252) and index
Abstract:Partially political movements in semiauthoritarian systems -- Running to lose? : elections, authoritarianism, and Islamist movements -- Beyond analogy mongering : ideological movements and the debate over the primacy of politics -- The model and the mother movement -- The model in practice in four semiauthoritarian settings -- Can Islamists party? : political participation and organizational change -- Ideological change : flirtation and commitment -- Arab politics and societies as they might be -- Islamist parties and Arab political systems as they are
Schlagwörter:(g)Arabische Staaten   i / (s)Politik   i / (s)Partei   i / (s)Islam   i / (s)Fundamentalismus   i
Bibliogr. Hinweis: Online-Ausg.: Brown, Nathan J.: When Victory Is Not an Option
SignaturUB:2012 A 9323

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