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Authority heading:Sand, George
Alternative forms:Sand, George
References:Dudevant, Amantine Lucile Aurore ¬[Wirklicher Name]¬
Dudevant, Amantine L.
Dupin, Amandine Aurore-Lucie ¬[Frueherer Name]¬
Dupin, Amandine-Lucie-Aurore
Dupin, Amandine A.
Dupin, Amantine-Aurore-Lucile
Dupin, Amantine-Lucile-Aurore
Dupin, Armandine-Lucile-Aurore
Dupin, Lucie-Aurore-Amentine
Sand, Amandine-Aurore-Lucie D.
Sand, G.
Dudevant, Amandine Lucie Aurore
Sand, Žôrž
San, Ž.
Dudevant, Aurore Amantine
Dupin, Amantine Aurore
Dudevant, Amantine Aurore Lucile
Dudevant, Amantine Lucille
Dudevant, Amandine Lucile
Dudewant, Amantine Aurore Lucile de
Dudevant, Amantine Aurore Lucille de
Dudewant, Aurore von
Dupin, Mantine Aurore Lucile
Dupin, A.
Sandová, George
Dupin, Amandine-Aurore-Lucile
Dudevant, Amandine-Aurore-Lucile
Dupin, Amandine Aurore Lucile
Dudevant, Amandine Aurore-Lucie
Dudevant, Aurore A.
Dudevant, Lucile-Aurore
Sand, Amandine Aurore-Lucie Dupin
Sand, Georg
Sand, Georges
Sand, Giorgio
Sand, Jerzy
Sand, Žorž
Dudevant, Aurore
Dupin, Aurore
Dudevant, Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin
Dudevant, Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin
Zand, Žorž
Zand, Zhorzh
Dupin, Amantine Aurore Lucile
Dupin, Amandine Aurore Lucie
Dudevant, Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin
Sand, Zhorzh
Dupin, Amandine Lucie Aurore
Dupin de Francueil, Amantine Aurore Lucile
Dupin de Francueil, Amandine Lucie Aurore
Санд, Жорж
Санд, Амандина Аврора Люсиль
Place of birth:Paris
Place of death:Nohant-Vic
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