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Titel:¬A¬ pretious booke of heavenlie meditations called, A priuate talke of the soule with God
Titelzusatz:which, who so zealouslie will vse and pervse, shall feele in his minde an vnspeakeable sweetenes of the euerlasting happines
Mitwirkende:Rogers, Thomas
Werktitel:Right Christian treatise, entituled S
Verf.angabe:written ... by that reuerend, and religious Father S. Augustine ; and not translated onelie, but purified also, and with most ample, and necessarie sentences of holie Scripture adorned, by Thomas Rogers
Verlagsort:At London
Verlag:Printed for the Companie of the Stationers
Fussnoten:Imperfect: tightly bound with slight loss of print. - Includes bibliographical references. - Includes: A right Christian treatise, entituled S. Augustines praiers--Saint Augustines manual. Each has special t.p. and separate pagination. - Numerous errors in paging. - Reproduction of original in the British Library. - STC (2nd ed.), 947. - Signatures: A12(-A1-3) B-I12 K10 L-2A12 2B10
(Ort):Ann Arbor, Mich
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