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Verfasser:I. P
Titel:Anabaptismes mysterie of iniquity vnmasked
Titelzusatz:with rules of comfort for a wounded spirit, suspecting its selfe fallen into the sinne against the Holy Ghost, and what that sinne is
Werktitel:Description of the sinne against the Holy Ghost
Verlag:Printed by A.M. for George Winder, and are to bee sold at his shop in Saint Dunstons Church-yard
Fussnoten:Contains special t.p.'s: A description of the sinne against the Holy Ghost, 1622; Wisedomes bountie to heauenly pilgrims, 1622. - Errata: p. [7] in middle. - Imperfect: signatures D1-D8 (p. 33-48) of Anabaptismes and signatures A1-B8 of Wisdomes are lacking. - Reproduction of original in the British Library. - STC (2nd ed.), 19068. - Signatures: [par.]8(-[par.]1) A-K8, 2[par.]4, 2C-I8 K4
(Ort):Ann Arbor, Mich
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