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Standort: Zweigstelle Neuenheim / Magazin INF 329
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Titel:Electron spectroscopy for surface analysis
Mitwirkende:Ibach, Harald [Hrsg.]   i
 Carette, Jean Denis   i
Verf.angabe:ed. by H. Ibach. With contributions by J. D. Carette ...
Verlagsort:Berlin ; Heidelberg [u.a.]
Umfang:X, 255 S
Illustrationen:Ill., graph. Darst
Gesamttitel/Reihe:Topics in current physics ; 4
Abstract:The development of surface physics and surface chemistry as a science is closely related to the technical development of a number of methods involving electrons either as an excitation source or as an emitted particle carrying characteristic information. Many of these various kinds of electron spectroscopies have become commercially available and have made their way into industrial laboratories. Others are still in an early stage, but may become of increasing importance in the future. In this book an assessment of the various merits and possible drawbacks of the most frequently used electron spectroscopies is attempted. Emphasis is put on practical examples and experimental design rather than on theoretical considerations. The book addresses itself to the reader who wishes to know which electron spectroscopy or which combination of different electron spectroscopies he may choose for the particular problems under investigation.
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Schlagwörter:(s)Elektronenspektroskopie   i / (s)Oberflächenanalyse   i
 (s)Grenzfläche   i / (s)Elektronenspektroskopie   i
RVK-Notation:UD 9460   i
 VG 9700   i
 UP 9340   i
 UP 7500   i
 VE 7000   i
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UBN/UP 9340 I12QR-CodeZweigstelle Neuenheim / Magazin INF 329bestellbar
Mediennummer: 01041240
PY/UP 7500 I12QR-CodeBereichsbibl. Physik + Astronomie / BPAPräsenznutzung
Mediennummer: 59819011, Inventarnummer: B78/14, Alte Signatur: E Ibach

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