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Status: siehe Bände
Standort: ---
Exemplare: siehe Bände
Verfasser:Rapin de Thoyras, Paul   i
Titel:Acta Regia: or, An Historical Account
Titelzusatz:In Order of Time, Not only of those Records in Rymer's Foedera, on which Mons. Rapin has grounded his History of England ... ; From the Reign of King Henry the First, to that of King Charles the First ... ; In Four Volumes
Werktitel:Histoire d'Angleterre <engl.>
Verf.angabe:Translated from the French of M. Rapin ...
Verlag:Knapton [u.a.]
Fussnoten:Bd. 2 - 4 u.d.T.: Acta Regia: Or An Account of the Treaties, Letters and Instruments ... - Bd. 2 - 4 bei Darby [u.a.] in London erschienen
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Signatur:siehe Bände

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