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University library of Heidelberg
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Shelfmark: KG Xee 13   QR-Code
Location: Fakultätsbibliothek Theo /
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Verfasst von:Cavarnos, Constantine   i
 Zeldin, Mary-Barbara   i
Titel:St. Seraphim of Sarov
Titelzusatz:widely beloved mystic, healer, comforter, and spiritual guide ; an account of his life, character and message, together with a very edifying conversation with his disciple Motovilov on the acquisition of the grace of the Holy Spirit, and the Saint's spiritual counsels
Verf.angabe:Constantine Cavarnos and Mary-Barbara Zeldin
Verlagsort:Belmont, Mass.
Verlag:Inst. for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies
Umfang:167 S.
Gesamttitel/Reihe:Modern Orthodox saints ; 5
Schlagwörter:(s)Frömmigkeit   i / (s)Orthodoxe Kirche   i
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KG Xee 13QR-CodeFakultätsbibliothek Theologiefor reference only
Local ident number: 39808982, Inventory number: 217/81

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