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Titel:Asian punches
Titelzusatz:a transcultural affair
Mitwirkende:Harder, Hans [Hrsg.]   i
 Mittler, Barbara [Hrsg.]   i
Verf.angabe:Hans Harder; Barbara Mittler, eds
Verlagsort:Berlin ; Heidelberg [u.a.]
Umfang:X, 444 S.
Illustrationen:zahlr. Ill.
Format:24 cm
Gesamttitel/Reihe:Transcultural research – Heidelberg studies on Asia and Europe in a global context
Inhalt:Prologue : Late nineteenth and twentieth century Asian Punch versions and related satirical journals / Hans HarderThe presence of Punch in the nineteenth century / Brian Maidment
 Punch and Indian cartoons : the reception of a transnational phenomenon / Partha Mitter
 The possibility of satire : reading Pratap Narain Misra's Brāhmaṇ, 1883-1890 / Alok Rai
 From Punch to Matʹvālā : transcultural lives of a literary format / Prabhat Kumar
 The Punch tradition in late nineteenth century Bengal : from Pulcinella to Basantak and Pã̄cu / Chaiti Basu
 Crossing boundaries : Punch and the Marathi weekly Hindu pañca (1870-1909) / Swarali Paranjape
 Punch in India : another history of colonial politics? / Ritu Gairola Khanduri
 Insistent localism in a satiric world : Shaykh Naggār's 'Reed-pipe' in the 1890s Cairene press / Marilyn Booth
 Abū Nazzāra's Journey from victorious Egypt to splendorous Paris : the making of an Arabic Punch / Eliane Ursula Ettmueller
 Teodor Kassab's adaption of the Ottoman shadow theatre Karagöz / Elif Elmas
 What's in a name? : branding Punch in Cairo, 1908 / Marilyn Booth
 'Punch pictures' : localising Punch in Meiji Japan / Peter Duus
 'Punch's heirs' between the (battle) lines : satirical journalism in the age of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 / Sonja Hotwagner
 Participating in global affairs : the Chinese cartoon monthly Shanghai Puck / I-Wei Wu
 'He'll roast all subjects that may need the roasting' : Puck and Mr. Punch in nineteenth-century China / Christopher G. Rea
 Epilogue : Ten thousand Pucks and Punches : satirical themes and variations seen transculturally / Barbara Mittler.
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Schlagwörter:(g)Asien   i / (s)Satirische Zeitschrift   i / (z)Geschichte 1860-1918   i
 (g)Europa   i / (g)Orient   i / (g)Asien   i / (g)Ostasien   i / (s)Karikatur   i / (s)Satirische Zeitschrift   i / (t)Punch <Zeitschrift, London>   i / (z)Geschichte 19.-20. Jh.   i
Dokumenttyp:Konferenzschrift: (2009 : Heidelberg)
Reproduktion:Online-Ausg.: Asian Punches. - Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, 2013. - Online-Ressource (X, 444 p. 109 illus., 91 illus. in color, digital)
Sonst. Schlagwort:(s)Satire; History and criticism ; (s)Periodicals; Publishing; History; 19th century ; (s)Periodicals; Publishing; History; 20th century ; (s)Punch (London, England); History ; (g)Asia; Economic conditions ; (s)Culture and globalization ; (s)Globalization; Asia ; (s)Biography and autobiography, Literary ; (s)Satire, English;Asia ; (s)Satire; Cross-cultural studies. ; (s)Intercultural communication; Asia ; (g)Asia; Social conditions ; (s)Periodicals; Publishing; Asia; History; 19th century ; (s)Periodicals; Publishing; Asia; History; 20th century
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