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Titel:The Cambridge companion to Greek mythology
Mitwirkende:Woodard, Roger D. [Hrsg.]   i
Verf.angabe:ed. by Roger D. Woodard
Verlagsort:Cambridge [u.a.]
Verlag:Cambridge Univ. Press
Umfang:XVI, 536 S.
Fussnoten:Includes bibliographical references and index
Abstract:Professor Roger Woodard brings together a group of the world's most authoritative scholars of classical myth to present a thorough treatment of all aspects of Greek mythology. Sixteen original articles guide the reader through all aspects of the ancient mythic tradition and its influence around the world and in later years. The articles examine the forms and uses of myth in Greek oral and written literature, from the epic poetry of 8th century BC to the mythographic catalogues of the early centuries AD. They examine the relationship between myth, art, religion and politics among the ancient Greeks and its reception and influence on later society from the Middle Ages to present day literature, feminism and cinema. This Companion volume's comprehensive coverage makes it ideal reading for students of Greek mythology and for anyone interested in the myths of the ancient Greeks and their impact on western tradition.
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Schlagwörter:(g)Griechenland <Altertum>   i / (s)Mythologie   i
Reproduktion:Druckausg.: The Cambridge companion to Greek mythology. - Cambridge [u.a.]: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2007. - XVI, 536 S
(Gesamttitel):Cambridge companions online. - Cambridge collections online. - The Cambridge companions to literature and classics
(Verlag):Cambridge Collections Online
RVK-Notation:FB 4019   i
 NH 6850   i
Sach-SW:Mythology, Greek
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