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Signatur: 2012 C 4702   QR-Code
Standort: Hauptbibliothek Altstadt / Tiefmagazin 2
Exemplare: siehe unten
Titel:The sublime
Titelzusatz:from antiquity to the present
Mitwirkende:Costelloe, Timothy M. [Hrsg.]   i
Verf.angabe:ed. by Timothy M. Costelloe
Ausgabe:1. publ.
Verlagsort:Cambridge [u.a.]
Verlag:Cambridge Univ. Press
Umfang:XIII, 304 S.
Illustrationen:Ill., Kt.
Format:26 cm
Fussnoten:Includes bibliographical references and index
Inhalt:Machine generated contents note: 'The sublime'. A short introduction to a long history Timothy M. Costelloe; Part I. Philosophical History of the Sublime: 1. Longinus and the ancient sublime Malcolm Heath; 2...And the beautiful? revisiting Edmund Burke's 'double aesthetics' Rodolphe Gasche; 3. The moral source of the Kantian sublime Melissa Meritt; 4. Imagination and internal sense: the sublime in Shaftesbury, Reid, Addison, and Reynolds Timothy M. Costelloe; 5. The associative sublime: Kames, Gerrard, Alison, and Stewart Rachel Zuckert; 6. The 'prehistory' of the sublime in early modern France: an interdisciplinary perspective a Madeleine Martin; 7. The post-Kantian German sublime Paul Guyer; 8. The postmodern sublime: presentation and its limits David B. Johnson; Part II. Disciplinary and Other Perspectives: 9. The 'subtler sublime': in modern Dutch aesthetics John R. J. Eyck; 10. The first American sublime Chandos Michael Brown; 11. The environmental sublime Emily Brady; 12. Religion and the sublime Andrew Chignell and Matthew C. Halteman; 13. The British romantic sublime Adam Potkay; 14. The sublime and the fine arts Theodore Gracyk; 15. Architecture and the sublime Richard Etlin.
Abstract:"This volume offers readers a unique and comprehensive overview of theoretical perspectives on "the sublime," the singular aesthetic response elicited by phenomena that move viewers by transcending and overwhelming them. The book consists of an editor's introduction and fifteen chapters written from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Part One examines philosophical approaches advanced historically to account for the phenomenon, beginning with Longinus, moving through eighteenth and nineteenth century writers in Britain, France, and Germany, and concluding with developments in contemporary continental philosophy. Part Two explores the sublime with respect to particular disciplines and areas of study, including Dutch literature, early modern America, the environment, religion, British Romanticism, the fine arts, and architecture. Each chapter is both accessible for nonspecialists and offers an original contribution to its respective field of inquiry"--
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Schlagwörter:(s)Das Erhabene   i / (z)Geschichte   i
 (s)Das Erhabene   i / (z)Geistesgeschichte   i
RVK-Notation:EC 5410   i
 CD 1120   i

2012 C 4702QR-CodeHauptbibliothek Altstadt / Tiefmagazin 2bestellbar
Mediennummer: 10397071
2012 C 4702QR-CodeHauptbibliothek Altstadt / Tiefmagazin 2bestellbar
Mediennummer: 10407241

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