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Standort: Campusbibliothek Bergheim / Präsenznutzung
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Verfasst von:Indyk, Martin   i
 Lieberthal, Kenneth G.   i
 O'Hanlon, Michael E.   i
Titel:Bending history
Titelzusatz:Barack Obama's foreign policy
Mitwirkende:Indyk, Martin S.   i
 OH́anlon, Michael E.   i
Verf.angabe:Martin S. Indyk; Kenneth G. Lieberthal; Michael E. OH́anlon
Verlagsort:Washington, DC
Verlag:Brookings Institution Press
Umfang:IX, 342 S.
Gesamttitel/Reihe:Brookings focus book
Inhalt:Emerging power : China -- The wars -- Middle East peacemaking -- The Arab awakenings -- The rogue states -- The "soft security" agenda : energy, climate, and weak states -- The arc of history is long.
Abstract:"Examines first years of the Obama presidency and effects on American foreign policy, including the U.S. relationships with China and Pakistan, war in Afghanistan and withdrawal from Iraq, movement toward Middle East peace, response to the Arab Spring, agendas involving energy, climate, and weak states, and approaches to rogue states"--Provided by publisher
Schlagwörter:(p)Obama, Barack   i / (g)USA   i / (s)Außenpolitik   i
 (s)Außenpolitik   i / (s)Regionalpolitik   i / (s)Internationale Politik   i / (g)USA   i
RVK-Notation:ML 5700   i
Sach-SW:Vereinigte Staaten
 United States
 Volksrepublik China
 People's Republic of China

WS/ML 5700 I42QR-CodeCampusbibliothek Bergheim / PräsenznutzungPräsenznutzung
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