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Signatur: 2015 A 6752   QR-Code
Standort: Hauptbibliothek Altstadt / Freihandbereich Monograph  3D-Plan
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Titel:Demographic change and ethnic survival among the sedentary populations in the Jesuit mission frontiers of Spanish South America 1609-1803
Titelzusatz:the formation and persistence of mission communities in a comparative context
Mitwirkende:Jackson, Robert H.   i
Verf.angabe:by Robert H. Jackson
Verlagsort:Leiden [u.a.]
Umfang:XVI, 290 S.
Illustrationen:Ill., graph. Darst., Kt.
Gesamttitel/Reihe:European Expansion and Indigenous Response ; 16
Abstract:Beginning in 1609, Jesuit missionaries established missions (reductions) among sedentary and non-sedentary native populations in the larger region defined as the Province of Paraguay (Rio de la Plata region, eastern Bolivia). One consequence of resettlement on the missions was exposure to highly contagious old world crowd diseases such as smallpox and measles. Epidemics that occurred about once a generation killed thousands. Despite severe mortality crises such as epidemics, warfare, and famine, the native populations living on the missions recovered. An analysis of the effects of epidemics and demographic patterns shows that the native populations living on the Paraguay and Chiquitos missions survived and retained a unique ethnic identity. A comparative approach that considers demographic patterns among other mission populations place the case study of the Paraguay and Chiquitos missions into context, and show how patterns on the Paraguay and Chiquitos missions differed fromother mission populations. The findings challenge generally held assumptions about Native American historical demography
Schlagwörter:(g)Hispanoamerika   i / (k)Jesuiten   i / (s)Mission   i / (g)Chiquitos   i / (s)Guaraní   i / (g)Jesuitenstaat   i / (s)Ethnische Gruppe   i / (s)Bevölkerungsentwicklung   i / (s)Ethnische Identität   i / (z)Geschichte 1609-1803   i
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2015 A 6752QR-CodeHauptbibliothek Altstadt / Freihandbereich Monographien3D-Planausleihbar
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