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Shelfmark: 265 arc 65/1229 GF rara   QR-Code
Location: CATS / Abt. Südasien: Freihandb
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Verfasst von:Führer, Alois Anton   i
Titel:The Sharqi architecture of Jaunpur
Titelzusatz:with notes on Zafarabad, Sahet-Mahet and other places in the North-Western provinces and Oudh
Verf.angabe:by A. Führer
Gesamttitel/Reihe:[New Imperial series ; 11]
 New series ; 1
Weitere Titel:Nebent.: North-western provinces and Oudh
Reproduktion:Mikroficheausg.: Führer, Alois Anton, 1853 - 1930: The Sharqi architecture of Jaunpur. - Calcutta: The Superintendent of Government Printing, India [u.a.], 1889. - getr. Zählung
Bibliogr. Hinweis:Rezensiert in: Jolly, Julius, 1849 - 1932: [Rezension von: A. Führer, Archaeological Survey of India, The Sharqi architecture of Jaunpur - with notes on Zafarabad, Sahet-Mahet and other Places in the N.-W. Provinces and Oudh, with drawings and architectural descriptions by Ed. W. Smith, edited by Jas. Burgess, Director-General of the Archaeological Survey of India, (Trübner, London.)]
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265 arc 65/1229 GF raraQR-CodeCATS / Abt. Südasien: Freihandbereichavailable for order (reading room)
Local ident number: 45261425, Inventory number: 66/1229

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