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Status: ausleihbar
Signatur: 2017 A 2360   QR-Code
Standort: Hauptbibliothek Altstadt / Freihandbereich Monograph  3D-Plan
Exemplare: siehe unten
Verfasser:Sørensen, Anders Dahl [VerfasserIn]   i
Titel:Plato on democracy and political technē
Werktitel:Expertise on the Pnyx?
Verf.angabe:by Anders Dahl Sørensen
Verlagsort:Leiden ; Boston
Umfang:VIII, 196 Seiten
Format:25 cm
Gesamttitel/Reihe:Philosophia antiqua ; volume 143
Fussnoten:"Revised and expanded version of my doctoral dissertation" - Vorwort ; Met literatuuropgave en index
Weitere Titel:Dissertation unter dem Titel: Expertise on the Pnyx?
Hochschulschrift:Dissertation, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 2014
Abstract:In 'Plato on Democracy and Political techne' Sørensen argues that the question of democracy's 'epistemic potential' was one that Plato took more seriously than is usually assumed. While he famously rejected democracy on the basis of its inherent inability to accommodate political expertise ('techne'), he did not think that this failure on democracy's part was necessarily inevitable but a concept that required further examination. Sorensen shows that in a number of his most important dialogues ('Republic, Gorgias, Statesman, Protagoras, Theaetetus'), Plato was ready to take up the question of democracy's epistemic potential and to enter into strikingly technical and sophisticated discussions of what both rule by 'techne' and rule by the people would have to look like in order for the two things to be compatible
Schlagwörter:(p)Plato   i / (s)Demokratie   i / (s)Politik   i
Bibliogr. Hinweis: Erscheint auch als Online-Ausgabe: Sørensen, Anders Dahl, 1982 - : Plato on democracy and political technē
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2017 A 2360QR-CodeHauptbibliothek Altstadt / Freihandbereich Monographien3D-Planausleihbar
Mediennummer: 10524288

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