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Signatur: TR675.R46 2016   QR-Code
Standort: Bereichsbibl. Ostasien / Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens
Exemplare: siehe unten
Titel:Ren Hang = ren hang
 Ren Hang = 任航
Mitwirkende:Ren, Hang [FotografIn]   i
 Hanson, Dian [HerausgeberIn]   i
Verf.angabe:edited by Dian Hanson
 edited by Dian Hanson
Umfang:311 Seiten
Fussnoten:Text by Dian Hanson in English with Chinese, German, and French translations
Abstract:Ren Hang, who took his life February 23, 2017, was an unlikely rebel. Slight of build, shy by nature, prone to fits of depression, the 29-year-old Beijing photographer was nonetheless at the forefront Chinese artists’ battle for creative freedom. Like his champion Ai Weiwei, Ren was controversial in his homeland and wildly popular in the rest of the world. He said, “I don’t really view my work as taboo, because I don’t think so much in cultural context, or political context. I don’t intentionally push boundaries, I just do what I do.” Why? Because his models, friends, and in his last years, fans, are naked, often outdoors, high in the trees or on the terrifyingly vertiginous rooftops of Beijing, stacked like building blocks, heads wrapped in octopi, body cavities sprouting phone cords and flowers, whatever entered his mind at the moment
Sprache:eng chi ger fre

TR675.R46 2016QR-CodeBereichsbibl. Ostasien / Kunstgeschichte OstasiensPräsenznutzung
Mediennummer: 42963413

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