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Verfasst von:Quinn, John J. [VerfasserIn]   i
 Yi, Kyung-Soo [VerfasserIn]   i
Titel:Solid State Physics
Titelzusatz:Principles and Modern Applications
Verf.angabe:by John J. Quinn, Kyung-Soo Yi
Ausgabe:2nd ed. 2018
Umfang:Online-Ressource (XIX, 594 p. 249 illus., 74 illus. in color, online resource)
Gesamttitel/Reihe:UNITEXT for Physics
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Abstract:Part I -- Crystal Structures -- Lattice Vibrations -- Free Electron Theory of Metals -- Elements of Band Theory -- Use of Elementary Group Theory in Calculating Band Structure -- More Band Theory and the Semi-classical Approximation -- Semiconductors -- Dielectric Properties of Solids -- Magnetism in Solids -- Part II -- Magnetic Ordering and Spin Waves -- Many Body Interactions: Introduction -- Many Body Interactions: Green’s Function Method -- Semi-classical Theory of Electrons -- Electrodynamics of Metals -- Superconductivity -- The Fractional Quantum Hall Effect: The Paradigm for Strongly Interacting Systems -- Correlation Diagrams: An Intuitive Approach to Interactions in Quantum Hall Systems.
 This book provides the basis for a two-semester graduate course on solid-state physics. The first half presents all the knowledge necessary for a one-semester survey of solid-state physics, but in greater depth than most introductory solid state physics courses. The second half includes most of the important research over the past half-century, covering both the fundamental principles and most recent advances. This new edition includes the latest developments in the treatment of strongly interacting two-dimensional electrons and discusses the generalization from small to larger systems. The book provides explanations in a class-tested tutorial style, and each chapter includes problems reviewing key concepts and calculations. The updated exercises and solutions enable students to become familiar with contemporary research activities, such as the electronic properties of massless fermions in graphene and topological insulators.
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Bibliogr. Hinweis:Erscheint auch als : Druck-AusgabeQuinn, John J., 1933 - : Solid state physics. - Second edition. - Cham : Springer, 2018. - xix, 594 Seiten
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