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Titel:Digital scholarly editing
Titelzusatz:theories and practices
Mitwirkende:Pierazzo, Elena   i
 Driscoll, Matthew James   i
Institutionen:Open Book Publishers   i
Verf.angabe:edited by Matthew James Driscoll and Elena Pierazzo
Verlag:Open Book Publishers
Umfang:1 Online-Ressource (290 pages)
Abstract:Notes on Contributors -- Foreword / Hans Walter Gabler -- 1. Introduction: Old Wine in New Bottles? / Matthew James Driscoll and Elena Pierazzo -- SECTION 1: THEORIES. 2. What is a Scholarly Digital Edition? / Patrick Sahle -- 3. Modelling Digital Scholarly Editing: From Plato to Heraclitus / Elena Pierazzo -- 4. A Protocol for Scholarly Digital Editions? The Italian Point of View / Marina Buzzoni -- 5. Barely Beyond the Book? / Joris van Zundert -- 6. Exogenetic Digital Editing and Enactive Cognition / Dirk Van Hulle -- 7. Reading or Using a Digital Edition? Reader Roles in Scholarly Editions / Krista Stinne Greve Rasmussen -- SECTION 2: PRACTICES. 8. Building A Social Edition of the Devonshire Manuscript / Ray Siemens, Constance Crompton, Daniel Powell and Alyssa Arbuckle, with Maggie Shirley and the Devonshire Manuscript Editorial Group -- 9. A Catalogue of Digital Editions / Greta Franzini, Melissa Terras and Simon Mahony -- 10. Early Modern Correspondence: A New Challenge for Digital Editions / Camille Desenclos -- 11. Beyond Variants: Some Digital Desiderata for the Critical Apparatus of Ancient Greek and Latin Texts / Cynthia Damon -- 12. The Battle We Forgot to Fight: Should We Make a Case for Digital Editions? / Roberto Rosselli Del Turco -- Bibliography -- Index
 "This volume presents the state of the art in digital scholarly editing. Drawing together the work of established and emerging researchers, it gives pause at a crucial moment in the history of technology in order to offer a sustained reflection on the practices involved in producing, editing and reading digital scholarly editions--and the theories that underpin them. The unrelenting progress of computer technology has changed the nature of textual scholarship at the most fundamental level: the way editors and scholars work, the tools they use to do such work and the research questions they attempt to answer have all been affected. Each of the essays in Digital Scholarly Editing approaches these changes with a different methodological consideration in mind. Together, they make a compelling case for re-evaluating the foundation of the discipline--one that tests its assertions against manuscripts and printed works from across literary history, and the globe. The sheer breadth of Digital Scholarly Editing, along with its successful integration of theory and practice, help redefine a rapidly-changing field, as its firm grounding and future-looking ambit ensure the work will be an indispensable starting point for further scholarship. This collection is essential reading for editors, scholars, students and readers who are invested in the future of textual scholarship and the digital humanities."--Publisher's website
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Sach-SW:Digital media ; Editing
 Editing ; Data processing
 Scholarly electronic publishing
 Transmission of texts ; Data processing
 Computing and information technology
 Criticism, Textual ; Data processing
 Digital humanities
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