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Titel:The Roman villa in the Mediterranean basin
Titelzusatz:Late Republic to Late Antiquity
Mitwirkende:Marzano, Annalisa [HerausgeberIn]   i
 Métraux, Guy P. R. [HerausgeberIn]   i
Verf.angabe:edited by Annalisa Marzano, University of Reading, Guy P. R. Métraux, York University, Toronto
Verlag:Cambridge University Press
Umfang:xxxv, 599 Seiten
Illustrationen:Illustrationen, Karten, Pläne
Abstract:The Roman villa in the Mediterranean : an overview / Annalisa Marzano and Guy P.R. Metraux -- The Roman villa. Definitions and variations / Ursula Rothe -- The villa of the mysteries at Pompeii and the ideals of Hellenistic hospitality / Andrew Wallace-Hadrill -- The building history and aesthetics of the "Villa of Poppaea" at Torre Annunziata : results from the Oplontis Project 2005-2014 / John R. Clarke -- Landscape at the "Villa of Poppaea" (Villa A) at Torre Annunziata / Mantha Zarmakoupi -- The villas of Stabiae / Thomas Noble Howe -- The Roman villa of Postiano / Adele Campanelli, Giovanni Di Maio, Riccardo Iaccarino, Maria Antonietta Iannelli, Luciana Jacobelli -- Maritime villas and the resources of the sea / Annalisa Marzano -- The "Villa of Augustus" at Somma Vesuviana / Masanori Aoyagi, Antonio De Simone, and Girolamo F. De Simone -- Villas in southern italy / Maurizio Gualtieri -- Villas in northern Italy / Gian Pietro Brogiolo and Alexandra Chavarria Arnau -- Roman villas in Sicily / Roger J.A. Wilson -- Villas in south and southwestern Gaul / Loic Buffat -- Villas in Hispania and Lusitania / Felix Teichner -- Roman villas in the Maltese Archipelago / Anthony Bonanno -- Villas in north Africa / Roger J.A. Wilson -- The Roman villa at Apollonia / Oren Tal and the late Israel Roll -- Houses of the wealthy in Roman Galilee / Zeev Weiss -- Villas in Greece and the islands / Maria Papaioannou -- Villas of the eastern Adriatic and Ionian coastlands / William Bowden -- Late antique villas : themes / Guy P.R. Metraux -- Aristocratic residences in late antique Hispania / Gisela Ripoll -- Christianization of villas / Kimberly Bowes -- Conviviality versus seclusion in Pliny's Tuscan and Laurentine villas / Pierre de la Ruffiniere du Prey -- The Villa Dei Papiri : Herculaneum and Malibu / Kenneth Lapatin
 "The expansion and proliferation of villas into the Mediterranean under Roman hegemony is the topic of this volume. In addition, the historical trajectory of the villa as a formula and phenomenon is outlined for different parts of the empire. Villas - extra-urban, suburban, or seaside country houses, many with productive estates or facilities contiguous or non-adjacent to them, others purely residential - were unmistakable signs of Roman social and economic presence. Roman villas expanded into Italy and the coasts and inland areas of the mare nostrum (and ultimately into the northwestern provinces of the empire) along with other agricultural, physical, institutional, and socio-cultural phenomena of the new hegemony. There were exceptions, most notably in the eastern empire where a widespread residential tradition and culture on agricultural estates did not develop. However, villas were signs of Roman economic organization and signifiers of Roman cultural presence in annexed lands and coastlines, and they became both normal and normalizing by the late-2nd century BCE in central and southern Italy and a little later in the northern peninsula. Elsewhere, landscapes readily receptive to the implantation of villas and their proliferation in the imperial period further assured Roman presence in terms of architecture, agricultural practices, decorative expectations, and social mores throughout the Mediterranean"--
Schlagwörter:(g)Römisches Reich   i / (g)Mittelmeerraum   i / (s)Villa   i / (s)Architektur   i / (s)Ausstattung   i / (s)Funktion   i
 (g)Mittelmeerraum   i / (g)Römisches Reich   i / (s)Villa   i / (s)Architektur   i / (s)Ausstattung   i / (s)Funktion   i / (z)Geschichte   i
Bibliogr. Hinweis:Erscheint auch als : Online-Ausgabe: The Roman villa in the mediterranean basin. - Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018. - 1 Online-Ressource (xxxv, 599 Seiten)
RVK-Notation:LG 2000   i
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