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Verfasst von:Deppner, Ingo Martin [VerfasserIn]   i
 Herrmann, Norbert [VerfasserIn]   i
Titel:A glass type multistrip-MRPC prototype for the low rate region of the CBM time-of-flight wall
Mitwirkende:Loizeau, Pierre-Alain   i
 Wisniewski, Krzysztof   i
Verf.angabe:I Deppner, N Herrmann, M Ciobanu, J Frühauf, M Kiš, P -A Loizeau, K Wisniewski, C Xiang
Fussnoten:Gesehen am 10.12.2018
Titel Quelle:Enthalten in: Journal of Instrumentation
Jahr Quelle:2012
Band/Heft Quelle:7(2012,10) Artikel-Nummer P10008, 8 Seiten
ISSN Quelle:1748-0221
Abstract:The Compressed Baryonic Matter spectrometer (CBM) is expected to be operational in the year 2018 at the Facility for Anti-proton and Ion Research (FAIR) in Darmstadt, Germany. The key element providing hadron identification at incident energies between 2 and 10 AGeV is a Time-of-Flight (ToF) wall covering the polar angular range from 2.5◦-25◦ and full azimuth. The necessary particle identification capabilities require a 80 ps system time resolution at high efficiency and, simultaneously, a rate capability of up to 25 kHz/cm2. The existing conceptual design foresees a 120 m2 ToF-wall composed of Multi-gap Resistive Plate Chambers (MRPC) which is subdivided in five rate depending concentric arranged regions named A to E where A is the area having fluxes below 1 kHz/cm2 in average. For this region A which covers approximately 55% of the total area we developed a Multistrip-MRPC containing float glass as resistive electrode material. In this paper we present the design of this prototype and in particular results obtained during in beam tests at GSI/SIS18 at Darmstadt and COSY at Ju¨lich.
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