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Verfasst von:Patterson, James D. [VerfasserIn]   i
 Bailey, Bernard C. [VerfasserIn]   i
Titel:Solid-State Physics
Titelzusatz:Introduction to the Theory
Verf.angabe:by James D. Patterson, Bernard C. Bailey
Ausgabe:Third edition
Umfang:1 Online-Ressource (XXV, 954 Seiten)
Illustrationen:285 Illustrationen
Gesamttitel/Reihe:SpringerLink : Bücher
 Springer eBook Collection
Abstract:This book teaches solid state physics in a comprehensive way, covering all areas. It begins with three broad topics: how and why atoms bind together to form solids, lattice vibrations and phonons, and electrons in solids. It then applies this knowledge to interactions, especially those between electrons and phonons, metals, the Fermi surface and alloys, semiconductors, magnetism, superconductivity, dielectrics and ferroelectrics, optical properties, defects, layered materials, quantum Hall effect, mesoscopics, nanophysics and soft condensed matter. Further important topics of the book are the evolution of BEC to BCS phenomena, conducting polymers, graphene, iron pnictide superconductors, light emitting diodes, N-V centers, nanomagnetism, negative index of refraction, optical lattices, phase transitions, phononics, photonics, plasmonics, quantum computing, solar cells, spin Hall effect and spintronics. In this 3rd edition, topics such as topological insulators, quantum computing, Bose-Einstein transitions, highly correlated electron systems and several others have been added. New material on magnetism in solids, as well as a discussion of semiconductors and a changed set of problems with solutions, are also included. The book also discusses “folk theorems” to remind readers of the essence of the physics without mathematics, and includes 90 mini-biographies of prominent solid state physicists of the past and present to put a human face on the subject. An extensive solutions manual rounds out the book
 Crystal Binding and Structure -- Lattice Vibrations and Thermal Properties -- Electrons in Periodic Potentials -- The Interaction of Electrons and Lattice Vibrations -- Metals, Alloys, and the Fermi Surface -- Semiconductors -- Magnetism, Magnons, and Magnetic Resonance -- Superconductivity -- Dielectrics and Ferroelectrics -- Optical Properties of Solids -- Defects in Solids -- Current Topics in Solid Condensed-Matter Physics
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Schlagwörter:(s)Festkörperphysik   i
Reproduktion:Printed edition
 Printed edition
(Gesamttitel):Springer eBook Collection. Physics and Astronomy
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