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Titel:International Reflections on the Netherlands Didactics of Mathematics
Titelzusatz:Visions on and Experiences with Realistic Mathematics Education
Mitwirkende:van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, Marja [HerausgeberIn]   i
Verf.angabe:edited by Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen
Ausgabe:1st ed. 2020
Umfang:1 Online-Ressource (IX, 366 p. 117 illus., 50 illus. in color)
Gesamttitel/Reihe:ICME-13 Monographs
 Springer eBook Collection
 Springer eBooks : Education
Abstract:Seen through other eyes – Opening up new vistas in Realistic Mathematics Education through visions and experiences from other countries -- From tinkering to practice – The role of teachers in the application of Realistic Mathematics Education principles in the United States -- Searching for alternatives for New Math in Belgian primary schools – Influence of the Dutch model of Realistic Mathematics Education -- The impact of Hans Freudenthal and the Freudenthal Institute on the project Mathe 2000 -- Reflections on Realistic Mathematics Education from a South African perspective -- Learning to look at the world through mathematical spectacles – A personal tribute to Realistic Mathematics Education -- Graphing linear equations – A comparison of the opportunity-to-learn in textbooks using the Singapore and the Dutch approaches to teaching equations -- Low achievers in mathematics – Ideas from the Netherlands for developing a competence-oriented view -- From the bottom up – Reinventing Realistic Mathematics Education in Southern Argentina -- Realistic Mathematics Education in the Chinese context – Some personal reflections -- The enrichment of Belgian secondary school mathematics with elements of the Dutch model of Realistic Mathematics Education since the 1980s -- Echoes and influences of Realistic Mathematics Education in Portugal -- Supporting mathematical learning processes by means of mathematics conferences and mathematics language tools -- Reinventing Realistic Mathematics Education at Berkeley – Emergence and development of a course for pre-service teachers -- Korean mathematics education meets Dutch didactics -- The influence of Realistic Mathematics Education outside the Netherlands – The case of Puerto Rico -- The impact of Dutch mathematics education on Danish mathematics education -- Two decades of Realistic Mathematics Education in Indonesia -- Intervening with Realistic Mathematics Education in England and the Cayman Islands – The challenge of clashing educational ideologies
 This open access book, inspired by the ICME 13 Thematic Afternoon on “European Didactic Traditions”, takes readers on a journey with mathematics education researchers, developers and educators in eighteen countries, who reflect on their experiences with Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), the domain-specific instruction theory for mathematics education developed in the Netherlands since the late 1960s. Authors from outside the Netherlands discuss what aspects of RME appeal to them, their criticisms of RME and their past and current RME-based projects. It is clear that a particular approach to mathematics education cannot simply be transplanted to another country. As such, in eighteen chapters the authors describe how they have adapted RME to their individual circumstances and view on mathematics education, and tell their personal stories about how RME has influenced their thinking on mathematics education
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