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Verfasser:Kwon, Jaok [VerfasserIn]   i
Titel:Globalization and business masculinities in South Korea
Titelzusatz:top managers in the industrial sector
Verf.angabe:Jaok Kwon
Jahr:20 November 2019
Umfang:17 S.
Fussnoten:Gesehen am 19.12.2019
Titel Quelle:Enthalten in: Social Sciences
Ort Quelle:Basel : MDPI, 2012
Jahr Quelle:2019
Band/Heft Quelle:8(2019,12) Artikel-Nummer 318, 17 Seiten
ISSN Quelle:2076-0760
Abstract:Along with the growing globalization of business, discussion concerning the “transnational business masculinity” has gained importance in recent years. Previous research on the transnational masculinity has argued for the convergence of business masculinity in a global level. This results partly from the fact that previous studies have concentrated largely on the West. Focusing on the Korean transnational corporations, this paper contributes theoretically by suggesting that the configuration process of business masculinity is neither linear nor straightforward towards convergence. Based on semi-structured, in-depth interviews with top managers in the industrial sector in South Korea (hereafter Korea), this paper clarifies that the construction process of the business masculinity is plural, multi-faceted, and divergent despite the emergence of convergence in combination with socioeconomic and political factors in the local, national, and global level.
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 DOI: 10.3390/socsci8120318
 hegemonic business masculinities
 industrial sector
 South Korea
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