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  author={Mahoney, Richard J.},
  title={Of the progresse of the Bodhisattva},
  subtitle={the bodhisattvamārga in the Śikṣāsamuccaya},
  publisher={Indica et Buddhica Limited},
  address={Oxford, New Zealand},
  pages={XIV, 242 Seiten},
  language={eng and san},
  isbn={978-0-473-37538-6 and 0-473-37538-9},
  note={National Library of New Zealand Cataloguing in Publication (CiP) record. - Includes bibliographical references},
  keywords={Śāntideva; Śikṣāsamuccaya ; Mahajana / Bodhisattva / Ethik},
  library={SA [Signatur: rel 52 E 117/2005]},

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