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Verfasst von:Christensen, Johan [VerfasserIn]   i
 Serrano-Velarde, Kathia [VerfasserIn]   i
Titel:The role of advisory bodies in the emergence of cross-cutting policy issues
Titelzusatz:comparing innovation policy in Norway and Germany
Verf.angabe:Johan Christensen and Kathia Serrano Velarde
Jahr des Originals:2018
Umfang:17 S.
Fussnoten:Published online: 03 Sep 2018 ; Gesehen am 19.09.2018
Titel Quelle:Enthalten in: European politics and society
Ort Quelle:Abingdon : Taylor & Francis, 2015
Jahr Quelle:2019
Band/Heft Quelle:20(2019), 1, Seite 1-17
ISSN Quelle:2374-5126
Abstract:The article examines the role of policy advisory bodies in the emergence of national innovation policy. Cross-cutting policy issues such as innovation policy pose unique challenges to governments. Given that they do not fit neatly within the purview of existing government departments, it is often unclear who is responsible for dealing with a given issue. Issues may go unaddressed or else be subject to competing initiatives from different departments. What role do policy advisory bodies play in addressing and advancing cross-cutting policy issues? The article examines how the issue of innovation policy was taken up and addressed by policy advisory bodies in two empirical cases: Norwegian ad hoc advisory commissions examining innovation policy during the period 1972-2016, and the German standing expert commission for science and innovation formed in 2006. The article finds that policy advice on innovation was adopted to a varying extent by the political-administrative system. It argues that this can be attributed to the organisation of advisory bodies and to the efforts of these bodies to establish connections and draw bridges across an entrenched political landscape.
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Sach-SW:cross-cutting policy issues
 innovation policy
 Knowledge regimes
 policy advisory bodies
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