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  author={Scott, Edmund},
  title={An exact discourse of the subtilties, fashions, pollicies, religion, and  ceremonies of the East Indians, as well Chyneses as Iauans, there abying and dweling},
  subtitle={together with the manner of trading with those people, aswell by us english, as by the hollanders ; as also what hath happened to the english nation at Bantan, in the East Indies, since the 2. of february 1602 ; until the 6. of october 1605 ; whereunto is added a briefe description of Iaua Maior},
  edition={[Faks. d. Ausg.] London 1606},
  publisher={Theatrum orbis terrarum [u.a.]},
  address={Amsterdam [u.a.]},
  pages={Bogen A2 - N3},
  isbn={90-221-0556-3 and 978-90-221-0556-6},
  series={The English experience},
  library={UB [Signatur: 73 A 1491]},

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