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  author={Camprubí, Xevi},
  title={Una mirada al 1700},
  subtitle={a partir dels gravats de la col·lecció Gelonch Viladegut},
  publisher={Ajuntament de Barcelona},
  pages={154 pages},
  isbn={978-849-8505-59-7 and 84-9850-559-3 and 978-84-9850-559-7},
  series={Quaderns del Museu Frederic Marès ; 18},
  note={Catalog of an exhibition held at the Museu Frederic Marès, Barcelona, Spain, June 16, 2014-Nov. 2, 2014. - Exhibition catalog of art works from the early 18th century, with an emphasis on prints from the Viladegut collection, primarily dealing with Catalonia's role in the Spanish War of Succesion. - Includes bibliographical references (pages 149-154)},
  library={UB [Signatur: bestellt storniert vergriffen]},

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