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  editor={Palagia, Olga},
  title={Sailing to classical Greece},
  subtitle={papers on Greek art, archaeology and epigraphy presented to Petros Themelis},
  address={Oxford [u.a.]},
  pages={109 S.},
  language={eng and ger and fre and ita},
  isbn={978-1-84217-422-7 and 1-84217-422-3},
  note={Beitr. teilw. engl., teilw. dt., teilw. franz., teilw. ital.},
  keywords={Griechenland <Altertum> / Kunst / Arch{\"a}ologie / Epigraphik ; Themelēs, Petros G.},
  library={UB [Signatur: 2011 D 2220]},

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