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  editor={Binz, Ernst},
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  title={Categorical topology},
  subtitle={proceedings of the Conference held at Mannheim, 21-25 July, 1975},
  address={Berlin ; Heidelberg [u.a.]},
  pages={XV, 719 S.},
  language={eng and ger and fre},
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  series={Lecture notes in mathematics},
  note={Beitr. teilw. dt., teilw. engl., teilw. franz},
  keywords={Kategorielle Topologie ; Kategorie <Mathematik> / Topologie},
  library={MA [Signatur: Kongr. 1975/28] ; MA [Signatur: Kongr. 1975/88 HB] ; MA [Signatur: LNM HB::540]},

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