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  author={Glennerster, Howard and Hills, John and Travers, Tony},
  title={Paying for health, education, and housing},
  subtitle={how does the centre pull the purse strings?},
  publisher={Oxford Univ. Press},
  address={Oxford [u.a.]},
  pages={XI, 240 S.},
  isbn={0-19-924078-7 and 978-0-19-924078-4},
  note={Titel lt. ABPR: Formular funding and public services: pulling the purse strings ++ MA0301/spe.},
  keywords={Großbritannien / Sozialpolitik / Gesundheitspolitik / Bildungspolitik / {\"O}ffentliche Ausgaben},
  library={WS [Signatur: WS/MG 42920 G558]},

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